Having Fun This Summer

Taken at Rockwood Park in Chesterfield

Psalm 116:9 says,  I walk before the Lord in the land of the living. I read these words this week and they struck me more than ever. We’ve been through such an ordeal and now that things are taking a turn for the better, I feel like I can breathe again. I’m sure you have felt the same. To have such good news about the vaccinations and things opening up again is a big relief to us all. We still have to be mindful and we still have to be careful, but things are not nearly as dire as they once were.

            As we approach the summer, I wanted to let you know our plans for Westhunt. As I have published before, the COVID team has met and decided that we will keep masks on in worship. This is to protect our children who are not eligible for the vaccine. We are also using the same high powered cleaners to combat COVID on a weekly basis. We are also social distancing while in worship. We have added a third hymn to our service, which brings us closer to normal. We might make some minor tweaks this summer. For my part, I’ll be preaching the Parables of Jesus for June and July. We’ll be looking at some of the most famous parables in a new way. We’re going to imagine what the parables would have sounded like to someone sitting at the feet of Jesus in the 1st century. It’ll be fun.

            We are also planning to have a church wide cookout on Sunday, June 27th after worship. Our Fellowship Committee is putting that together. We’ll celebrate Timothy Jarratt, our high school and community college graduate on the same day. For the cookout we’ll have a grill going and sides. I’ll more details on the menu as we get closer. We are also planning to have some outside activities for our children and all ages. It’ll be a fun time to be together and catch up. We’ll see if we can do another cookout this summer so we can all be together.

            As things reopen and you all travel to see family or go to the beach, we’ll keep things easygoing at the church. We’ll dress casually on Sundays beginning Memorial Day Weekend. On the last Sundays of the month, we’ll wear our Westhunt T-shirts. All the other Sundays in the summer we’ll be in casual clothes. We’ll wait to bring back Bible Study and Sunday School until the fall. We’ll have our weekly picnics after church if the weather permits. Barry and I are putting together some music for weekly videos. We’ll schedule a business meeting when we are ready. We’re going to have some fun this summer, because we all need it.

            And if you get to travel, or see family, or go places you haven’t gone in a long time, know that Jesus goes with you. Know that your Westhunt family goes with you. Enjoy your travels, your summer, and join us when you’re in town. We’ll have a good time together like we always do. And if you aren’t in town, check out our worship videos and hymn videos. We’ll keep that going too. Be safe, enjoy a bit of freedom, and we’ll see you soon.

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