Westhunt Baptist Church

Stories from Westhunt

Reflections, God Sightings and Mission stories from our congregation.

The Story of Boaz

Lately I’ve been reading through some of the smaller books of the Bible. I finished reading Philippians lately, Paul’s love letter to that church. He wrote the entire thing while sitting in prison, praising them and giving them loving advice. Usually I’m not a big fan of Paul’s, because over the years I’ve felt thatContinue reading “The Story of Boaz”

Stitch By Stitch

            I have shared before that I am an avid knitter. It’s something I learned to do when I was in college when one of my friends from home sat me down and taught me. I didn’t have much time during college and in my seminary years to knit, but I came back to it duringContinue reading “Stitch By Stitch”

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