Psalm 133-Valuable Kinship

            One of the biggest things I have missed this year is all the typical family gatherings. My family and I have done our best to stay connected during the pandemic. There have been FaceTime calls, zoom calls, sending letters in the mail and outdoor picnics. We are doing our best to close to distance inContinue reading “Psalm 133-Valuable Kinship”

Psalm 84-God’s Love will Still Be Here

            As Halloween decorations come down and Thanksgiving approaches, I am already pondering our Christmas Tree situation. We use artificial trees and last year we bought a new one. It’s taller, wider and pre-lit. It comes with a remote control that changes the lights from white lights to color lights, twinkling lights to blinking lights andContinue reading “Psalm 84-God’s Love will Still Be Here”

Psalm 27: Wait for the Lord

              As the leaves turn and the cooler temperatures arrive I find myself soaking it all in. It’s as if I have the perspective of a squirrel these days. I feel like I’m gathering all the proverbial acorns before the colder weather really sets in and there’s a resurgence of the virus. I findContinue reading “Psalm 27: Wait for the Lord”

Praying the Psalms: Psalm 23

            This passage is so dear to us and brings us comfort in times of stress, grief and anxiety. Some of us have heard these words since we were a child. You may have memorized these words from the King James Version. These famous words have been spoken in worship on many occasions. These words areContinue reading “Praying the Psalms: Psalm 23”

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