COVID Team Update

            Westhunt’s COVID team has met to discuss the updated CDC recommendations and Governor Northam’s new order which begins at midnight, May 28th. We talked about what this means for our current status at Westhunt and our current activities. As far as cleaning and sanitizing, things will not change. We will still use specialized cleaning agentsContinue reading “COVID Team Update”

The Reopening of our Building

             Our COVID team met last night to discuss the possibility of reopening our building for in person worship. The team unanimously approved the reopening of our building for worship services beginning Sunday, March 28th. We feel comfortable with this decision for a few reasons. The current COVID case numbers are still on the overallContinue reading “The Reopening of our Building”

Finding Hope on Ash Wednesday

            Every year on Ash Wednesday we begin the Lenten Journey. We slowly make our way to Holy Week and all its events. We spend Sunday after Sunday looking at the life of Jesus and we make our way to the cross of Good Friday. And eventually, we will arrive on Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrectionContinue reading “Finding Hope on Ash Wednesday”

A Note from the Pastor

            This week has been heartbreaking and shocking. To see Capital Hill overtaken and chaos ruling the day breaks my heart and worries me. To me, this week has been horrific. I have been in shock, even though I have been fully aware that something like this could happen. I lived in Charlottesville in 2017 whenContinue reading “A Note from the Pastor”

The Lesson of the Wise Men

             Since we are not meeting in person or online this Sunday, I thought I would share some words about the wise men from an author I enjoy. Her name is Sally Foster-Fulton and she’s written a lot of books. This reading comes from her Advent and Christmas book entitled Hope was Heard Singing. ThisContinue reading “The Lesson of the Wise Men”

Giving Back at Christmas

            December 2020 has been many things for us. I think the best word to describe it is different. There are other words to use too: difficult, draining, hopeful, and maybe even heartening. It has been a tough year for all of us and the hope the Christmas story brings is more important than ever. SharingContinue reading “Giving Back at Christmas”

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