A Season of Waiting

            This holiday season is hitting me differently this year. When I think about last December, I struggle to remember what we did. I remember that we all just tried to get through it and find some cheer and joy. So much has happened since then. Things look a bit better, even if there is a new variant out there. But this holiday season? I might be a bit excited. I couldn’t wait to have Thanksgiving with my family. I couldn’t wait to put up our Christmas tree and decorate it. I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping early, mostly because I am excited. I’ve been planning special menus so we can eat well during December. I have plans to pull out the fancy china during December so we can eat in style.

            As excited as I am, December is also a time for waiting. As Christians we are walking through the season of Advent. Advent is a time to prepare ourselves for the miracle of Christmas. At Christmas, God sends himself in the form of a baby to be with us. God comes to be with humanity in all our messiness, brokenness, pain and joy. Jesus’ birth is God’s ultimate way of reaching out to us in love, by coming in person to be with us. At Christmas we experience God’s amazing and world changing love. And it gives us hope and joy each year.

            And as we begin to contemplate the miracle of Christmas, the miracle of God becoming human to live among us, we realize that we ought to take stock of ourselves. Traditionally, Advent has been a time of repentance and turning back to God. That can be a hard thing when our schedules are full, and there’s a mile long to-do list. But I would encourage you to take time to be with God this December. Re-read the Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke’s gospels. Look at the famous passages from Isaiah 9 and 11. Ask yourself what you can do to make peace and joy in your community.

            Here at Westhunt we will have opportunities to draw close to God and serve the community. We will have our Advent worship services at 11 AM in person and live on our Facebook page. I will be preaching from Luke’s gospel all the Advent and Christmas passages. We’ll also have two Wednesday Night Bible Study Sessions on December 8thand 15th on Zoom. We will also adopt a family from Longan Elementary School for Christmas. We will have Barry’s piano videos of Christmas music on our Facebook page for the whole community.

            I invite all to engage with us here at Westhunt this Advent season. Whether you worship with us in person or online, join us for Bible Study or attend our Christmas Eve Service, you are welcome. This is a season of waiting for the miracle of Christmas and we will wait together.

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