Small, But Mighty

            As Halloween fades away and we look to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I cannot help but remember all that this congregation has done in the past few months. As one church member has said, we are a small church, but we are mighty. And that hasn’t been more true. We are a small church, but we are mighty. God has used our congregation to minister to the community in big and significant ways. We still have a lot to give to this community and we’ve done just that.

            The first thing I want to mention is our Trunk or Treat event. And it wasn’t just a Trunk or Treat event either. We had a chili cookoff, a bouncy house, games, crafts and prizes. It was a whole outdoor event. And for weary parents who’ve been trying to entertain their children for 20 months, an outdoor family event is most welcome. We had the biggest crowd for a Trunk or Treat event we’ve ever had. We had a huge amount of people come out. Getting out and being social is a huge need right now, and the church provided just that. 

            Lots of people helped. We had seven pots of chili and six trunks to hand out candy. We had people running the games and prize table. We had a craft table run by some of our youth. And where did all this stuff come from? You all brought chili, decorated your cars and dressed up. We paid for the bouncy house and asked the fire fighters to join us. But the rest came out of our shed and our basement. We had fall festival items stored and ready to use. The planning team went down to the basement and pulled everything we had. We went to the shed and pulled out what we could use. Westhunt has a lot to give whether it’s people showing up, or pulling things out of our building.

            Our last Clothing Giveaway was this past weekend and we had more things to give away than ever before. For the first time in 20 months we had to ask people to stop bringing in donations because our fellowship hall was completely full. Before we opened on Saturday, there were people waiting in the parking lot ready to pick up what they needed. We had a big crowd at the beginning of the morning and a steady stream of people throughout the rest of the time. 

            Times are tough and anything we can do to assist or love on people is a big help. This church has enough love for the whole world and I’ve seen that in the last three weeks. We also have a lot to give, even though our congregation seems small and circumstances are so difficult for everyone. We still make a difference in this neighborhood. Westhunt’s faithfulness is so evident and I’ve seen you all do amazing things in the last 20 months. Well, done everyone.

            Here are some pictures from our Trunk or Treat to enjoy.

Our whole setup
Myrtle-the sweetest witch you ever did see
One of our spooky trunks

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